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I never really properly planned to start a business. I just dreamed really big.

I was a 17 year old run away, with no support from family. I was surviving.

I kept getting fired from all of my jobs. I hated dead end retail jobs and I had no college degree. I couldn't even figure out how to get one. I decided to start my own little situation. I didn't know this little "situation" would turn into what it did. I dreamed it would, but i still wonder how i got here and where i'm going.


In 2013,

I would gather friends and beautiful girls within my city and surrounding areas and we'd have themed photoshoots 9/10 i'd style them in clothing I thrifted as I had No Money. I don't even think I had a camera.

I just had homies that were down to be apart of my vision. I'd  style everyone, we'd take pictures and i'd post them to instagram. This was when instagram was pure, without algorithms. At the time, in my city, everyone wanted to be a KandyGirl. The pictures where everywhere. I'd host auditions, we'd have dance classes. The girls were even asked to be in music videos and host club events. 

I created a "KandyGirl" but had no money to make clothes for her LMAO. 


As life went on I continued to work crappy jobs I hated, which made me want to figure SOMETHING, ANYTHING out,

 I got my first tax return check and ordered my first round of clothing.

A complete flop. 

EVERYONE  wanted to model, but no one wanted to buy stuff like that yet. How sway

Flops continued to happen for years. There are a lot of factors I can think of... I mean, In retrospect I could've given myself a lot more grace, i was like 19.

I'd often spend more than I made on clothing, which became a cycle.. a discouraging one.

But over and over I chose for everything to be a lesson. Over and over, I charge it to the game.


I don't actually know what the hell i'm doing, but i'm trying. I am a hustler. I survive. Everything that AKLOSETT is, is a direct result of my dedication to both myself and community, often times... the community was and is all I have.


I love what I do, I love the people I meet. I love the risks i'm forced to take .

This year, 2022 I finally figured out what AKLOSETT means to me and what I want it to be. I have been trying to create the community I never had. I want to create a solid support system for creatives..for.. people. It's important to me.


I hope to use these blogs to share my personal journey. I am not a super open, trusting, person. Actually, if i saw you in person i'd probably avoid you to avoid awkward conversation.  

But, i think it's important, when building a business and brand to show my authentic self.

Im human, i go through shitty shit like my car breaking down riiiigghhtt before the holidays LMAOOOO. I have kids, I go to school,  It's a lot of normal stuff goin on in my life. But, by no means am i normal, i'm just... resilient .

Life has taught me a lot.
A lot of which i pour into my business. 

These blogs are designed to motivate you through my experiences .

This the most ya'll gone hear my story. I'll talk about experiences here and there but I hope to be motivation to you. I hope you follow your dreams.

I hope you NEVER give up on your imagination and the life you want for yourself. It's attainable, with hard work.
I actually don't know what i'm doing.

But I do plan to always be doing more, better, the best.


I am on a few platforms being authentic. So, make sure you're subscribed to my AKLOSETT newsletter, i'll be dropping gems there and my Youtube where I share vlogs of the life i've created for myself, business tips and trials, travels, home decor. etc. I'd like to consider myself a well rounded bitch! (I am- in fact, a sailor, we can thank trauma) - but hey.. this is MEEEEE! enjoy!


Thank you so much for being here.

Scroll and take a look at some unevenly placed pics of my journey .

I was a creative director/ stylist before I even knew what it was LOL













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