Join Us 12.23.22 at Blue Print Coffee Project for the Debut of our VIRTUAL CLOSET!


Kandyy here! 

I wanted to write my own "about me" to make sure my customers know that I am a real person who loves to connect with her people! Most people don't know how Aklosett was started so I decided to give a full timeline/ breakdown. So buckle up!


2007-2011: During my for years of high school I both taught dance and styled the dancers that I taught at my moms dance studio. This is how I initially got into fashion. I had always loved to dress the best in the room, but it was more fun to dress others. To see their reaction when they'd been styled and feel fierce. I loved that feeling. I eventually got weary of buying products from department stores and challenged myself to THRIFT. I wanted to try and bring back trends ( my favorite being the 90s era) I would try to "Upscale" clothing. Which means, taking regular clothing found at the thrift store and making them FIERCE. I was also very broke and couldn't buy designer so I created my own wave.


2012-2013- This time frame is when instagram was getting popular. People loved the idea of taking photos in front of a camera. I learned that while I couldn't afford to pay to make clothing, it would be pretty easy to get some of my fierce friends together and style them for instagram. For these shoots I would either bring my clothing or, have models bring their clothing to wear. Most times I would choose an era 70's, 80's, 90's to shoot, I would tell the models a location, we would meet, then we would shoot for hours. Eventually we started hosting and attending events. It was fun. But I still didn't know exactly what I was doing, when or how I would make clothes, or what the hell was goin on! We were like a party promotional group and I hated it! So I took a break to regroup.


2014- Debut of my first product. I learned the process of Screenprinting and made my very first few Aklosett products. At the time I didn't really have a brand name or direction. I would just look for graphic designers willing to take what's in my head and make clothes. In retrospect, this was the toughest learning experience because I would spend a lot more than I would make. I didn't understand business. Aklosett was a hobby not my dream job just yet.


2015- I started getting serious about having photoshoots and getting brand awareness. I created three different sectors of my brand. "KandyyGirlz" , "DopeBoyz", and "Sugar Babies". 

The older I got in life the less my brand became about me. When it was just me living life, Aklosett was "Kandyygirlz" I was a KandyyGirl. A dope, ambitious, goal driven woman! Then I met my Fiancé. He's a "DopeBoy". He's calm, cool, and collected. Fun, funny, and hardworking.


2016-2017 - Aklosett was put on the back burner again.  We got an extra room in our apartment with hopes that I would be more consistent with AKLOSETT. But, With my 9-5 I was too tired. I would have moments when I would be super motivated but to sum it up...I was a new mom with a full time job. BUT this prompted me to make children's line. "Sugar Babiez". I wanted to create something for everyone.


2018- I am having more consistent shoots, I am not having issues getting content. I was doing well. I came out with multiple designs this year. It was a ball.


2019- I Hosted my first fashion show! This was my way to connect with other brands within my community. I would rush around my home town Sacramento looking for places to just help a sista out! Where can I showcase my clothes?!

Nothin. So I created a Fashion show/Pop-Up Shop. This gave up and coming brands the opportunity to showcase their clothing and sell their merchandise.

IT SOLD OUT! I began taking my brand to new levels and heights by stepping outside of my comfort zone. I attended a few local pop-up shops and second Saturdays  to learn about and meet my customers!


2020- Covid Hits. Second fashion show is cancelled. I just had my second baby. December 2019. Gone back to work beginning of March, just to be let go because of Covid. I was working at one of the top banks in America. But was told to leave because my child could give me Covid, and I could give my co-workers covid. I was hurt. I spent 40 hours a week at that job. I put my dreams on the back burner for that job. 

They did pay me a very nice amount to leave the company, and once I got over my hurt I sporadically leased a building June 2020. My orders had already gone up due to the quality of the clothing I was producing and COVID. All of us where at So I invested in a space and better quality clothing and equipment.

I began watching webinars, and attending online seminars to learn about...Business. This was no longer a hobby. I need a JOOBBB. But, I don't wanna job so here we are. Also, honorable mention... Youtube... Shout out, Shout out.


2021- Now I know how and what AKLOSETT is. 

A lot of people don't know what it stands for or how it's pronounced. Aklosett stands for "Amari's Closet". Pronounced, Aye- Claw-zet . I am Amari and this is what's in my closet. I got "Dopeboyz" , "KandyyGirlz" and "SugarBabiez" Gear!

I know that the purpose of my brand is to make people feel good. I love making anyone feel good. I want people to wear my clothes and feel tight. When I create clothing, it's not for me... it's for you all my Dopeboyz, KandyyGirlz, and SugarBabiez. I study fashion, I study trends and people. To make sure my brand also keeps up with what's going on in the fashion world. I enjoy it. 

Every year I grow into my position within my brand. This year is more about learning business and building solid relationships with my customers. My customers are who have allowed me to work for myself for almost a YEAR! so crazy. So grateful! 


 My name Kandyy. Welcome to my Closet!